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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  July 13, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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back. hello steve, and good morning, everybody. we start with the od etornado do warning that we told you about a few moments ago in caroline county in maryland. that has been taken down. no tornado warning in caroline county as the storm system as we showed you has pushed into delaware. what you are seeing dehere, i will get a closer look at it. the counties in red is where we do continue to see a tornado warning that's in effect for t about another 15. and that's in kent county and central delaware and newcastle county in northern delaware. de there is your storm system. it rm slooks less impressive, b still tornado warning in effect until 7:15, efnot in maryland b in delaware. current conditions, we're delan seeing rain across the washington area. what we are gtonseeing is some misty conditions and a mix of clouds and some sun. 75 degrees is your current
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temperature. 84% humidity. winds out of r erthe southwest miles per hour. here is your forecast for today. mostly cloudy, showers and thunderstorms are likely. k it will be warm and humid. high about 87 and degrees. de that's a look at what is a happening with the weather. we we athave more coming up in a little bit. right now lelet's go to julie wright for an update in traffic. starting toff in virginia where 66 is the hot spot, delays in centreville en approaching 28. slow oa50 to 123 and nutley y street to the beltway. be 395 from seminary road toward shirlington, you'll find all lanes are open. just volume delays to accompany the trip. slow ttraffic across the 14th street bridge. we have reports e bof rifloodin macomb street so be careful through northwest washington. no shproblems from 270 down toward the american legion bridge. br traffic running freely. outer loop will slow between university boulevard and georgia avenue and of course 410 still shut down between connecticut and n bejones mill.
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that's due mito trees and wiresd down across wthe highway. hi that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. t our big story this morning intense moments at orthe dupont metro station. a enough to send passengers in a bit of a panic. >> sarah pasimmons joins us liv from the metro station with the update on the situation that sparked a chaotic rush hour ou scene. sc >> reporter: the escalators here at dupont circle are still out of service. se two out of the three at the north and the south entrance. and we're hearing from tranw-ma employees who are here today, they are not sure when they will be fixed. be according to the website, it could be days before they are fixed. fi that's not what passengers want to hear after they endured such a chaotic scene yesterday afternoon. this was the scene beforest err
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on monday. firefighters rushing in and heading mo idown the escalatorc trying to find the source of the smoke. then a crush of people. metro passengers trying to get out, some of them still worriedd about their safety. they safepushed aside a barrier climbed up a center escalator under construction. we saw the uctielderly and even blind. when some passengers reached the top, they ers had to climb the railing to get out. >> all of the people kept yelling and telling us to keep going but we couldn't go anywhere. yw >> reporter: and then suddenly metro shut it down. it >> you dgot jilted and you got stopped. >> reporter: metro knew st something was wrong when the station filled with smoke and firefighters raced by them. >> the fire truck were everywhere and the firemen and it's scary and you don't know what to do. at >> you come up, you're out of breath and then with the heat and the smoke in your face, you
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have a little bit more of a problem. pr >> reporter: the problem obwith the escalators at dupont circle started on monday morning. or this is cell phone video of confusion after four of the five previously working escalators stopped. [ yelling ] >> reporter: now st yto monday evening. ev when you look at this video you wonder why did red line trains keep trdropping off passengers. even as people pushed and shoved to get out. ssus firefighters say it doesn't relate to them. >> why would thyou keep the station running. ru >> that's metro's point of of view, as far as managing the stations. st >> reporter: and still no response from metro as to why they continued to allow passengers off at the dupont on circle station. and we're trying to sunderstand as to why the escalators undwil not be working for the next couple of days.
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they dawere not working and the was smoke, an electrical issue yesterday. l but this is something that swil take a little bit of time to fix. so anybody heading to dupont circle metro station needs to be aware of that. th back to you. >> sarah, thank you. well metro is stepping up security at its storage facility days after someone e dressed in a metro uniform walked into the bladensberg divisionde and took a metro bus for a joy ride. being -- picking up passengers n and crashing along the way. metro is in stalling more fencing, lighting and security cameras and have plans to use a system that can verify driver identification and disable di buses remotely. a 19-year-old otd.c. man is charged with this bus incident. new incthis morning, an autopsy will be done to identify remains found in a ditch in fairfax county. the discovery happen counadd lo route 1 and first road in
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lorton. lo the call came in around 8:00 after a driver spotted what appeared to he about a human skull. at this point investigators don't know how the person died. police in uganda found an unexploded suicide vest in a disco call in the capitol. this comes piafter people were targeted after watching the world atcup finals. emily kerstetter and her grand mother were nar wounded as they in a restaurant watching the world cup. >> disbelief, just ordon't thin it's real. there is reno way emily could b injured. in why? why does it happen? >> family friends say emily it hasship rap nell injuries to her legs and has been
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transferred to johannesberg. a her grandmother has a nnbroken arm. a somalia military group with ties roto al-qaeda has claimed responsibility. we clibare getting another at fidel castro where he speaks softly and appears relaxed and even laughing. l the former cuban president criticized u.s. foreign r policies and the sanctions against niran. he irpredictions if the u.s. th would attack iran it would need much tougher resistance than in iraq. and he had harsh words for the policy on north korea. >> the japanese are nor sufferin from fear for nuclear weapons because they have suffered two attacks. a today is day 85 of ttthe gu oil disaster as we take a live look at the underwater camera.
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residents on the gulf r coast a holding their breath as bp starts a new oil containment system. a new cap could be ntthe best hope yet the spill can be stopped. st here is fox's doug luzader. op >> reporter: we'll have lua muc better idea throughout the day whether the system is going to work, but so far so good. the process wasn't exactly quick. but robotic submersibles were able to 'tplace rsa new cap ov the well a mile down. and this new better fitting 75- ton device could all be stop the spill if it can with stand the pressure. pr >> we can shut the well in or produce a considerable amount of oil than we have to date. >> reporter: this comes as the investigation into the spill has started in new orleans and those will continue today. and tothe white house has come with a new strategy to shut down drilling in the gulf. a gunew moratorium after a judg said the first one was too
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broad. now the president is targeting drilling platforms tarthat use equipment similar to the now sunk deepwater horizon. >> so you rithink you can craft it so that it is substantially different and will stand up in court. >> yes, we do. >> reporter: yes,and many in th gulf are against the ban. fishermen wait for news from bpp that the new containment system will work. >> i hope they do have it capped. ca it would be great. >> it's e a big mistake. but they're trying mii guess. >> reporter: trying, yes, succeeding yiis something else. now the testing of the g elnew system starts this morning and could g last for a few hours or could take two days each before -- even before engineers know whether it could be successful.c doug luzader fox news. a shocking news as we check more headlines coming up next. u
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and the companies name is "we es nbuy cars." just ahead on fox 5 morning news find out why customers say even the law is not on their side. and at 9 minutes after 7:00, we look outside. we'll get the oulatest weather a and traffic coming up next. and before we head to break, we ha reminder every fri we're taking fox 5 morning news out on the road. and this roweek our home town friday tour takes us to fredericksberg, virginia. v so stay tuned and we'll let you know where you can stop by and  say hello to us on friday in  fredericksberg.  ♪ ecic
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making headlines now at 7:13 on a tuesday morning, a
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shocking tragedy in the u.s. virgin islands. a 14-year-old girl from puerto rico is killed in the cross fire of a gang shootout. this happened on monday as the girl road on a sightseeing bus. her family arrived in the morning aboard a carnival cruise ship. police in prince george's county ended a standoff with a bank robber yesterday and this morning investigators are trying to figure out if there is a connection with him and a woman who walked into the bank with. the woman told police he forced her to make a withdraw and when the man went outside she tipped off bank robber who's sounded the alarm. police later found the man hiding under an empty school bus. let's check with tony for our forecast and the humidity that will just not go away. >> our humidity level remains at 84%. so it's a muggy start to the day and it is going to be a
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warm and humid kind of soupy kind of day around the region. >> it's a hot day. >> yes, it is a hat day. >> and you know i'm serious now. >> yes, after friday. and let's look at hd radar. we were talking about a tornado warning, well it is due to expire in about one minute or so. it is no longer in effect in -- there it goes. it says at 7:15 we said it would expire and bang, it is gone. we continue to see thunderstorm activity moving through delaware. this is not impacting the washington area. but this is a storm system that they thought could spawn a tornado. i have no reports that that happened but still the warning was in place and it has now expired. so that's good news. here is a look at the satellite radar, the bigger picture, and you can see there is a lot of moisture out there in the atmosphere and as you can see with the pattern that we're in, the showers from last night have pushed off to the north and east. that thunderstorm activity that we've been following in eastern
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maryland and delaware pushing off to the north and east, down to the south and west there is more presip out there and eventually some of that will move through as well. so we do have a good chance of showers and thunderstorms during the course of the day today. all right. here is a look at the current temperatures. nothing is changing this morning. it's currently 75 degrees in washington. i'll tell you what, annapolis dropped down one degree, it's 74 there. stevensville 73. winchester 69. and in culpeper it is 72 degrees. here is your five-day forecast. today 70% chance of showers and thunderstorms during the day and into the evening as well. mostly cloudy skies, 87 for the high. tomorrow can't rule out a scattered thunderstorm, 91. thursday, hot, hot, hot. 94 degrees and the hottest day this week we believe. temperatures in the upper 90s friday and saturday. that's a look at the weather. more is coming up in just a little bit. let's check in with julie wright for traffic.
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>> good morning to you all. and right now we're not looking so bad out there on the highway. some are trapped in the vibe where we find traffic volumes lighter than usual on 95 and 295 out of laurel. the top stretch of the beltway leaving university boulevard some hit and miss spotty delays but again all lanes are open toward 270. live shot of traffic out of virginia byway of the key bridge. so far so good. no problems to report as you continue over towards m. street no. reports off of canal road toward the exit for the whitehurst free way. you'll find southbound 270 wide open out of rockville. no problems to report as you continue southbound leaving shady grove and heading out toward the split. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >> thanks, julie. another big story this morning, massachusetts senator scott brown has signaled his approval of the senate reform bill, boosting its chances of
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passing. but congress doesn't have many time until the next recession. joining us, emily ferrishyo. and let's start with the big ticket item that's constituents are waiting for, for members to pass and now we have another break. what is the perception here first of all. >> i think a lot of people think congress isn't getting a lot done. it's difficult to move legislation right now because things have become very partisan in congress. republicans and democrats are really divide sod it's hard to get things passed. for instance unemployment benefits expired in june for a lot of americans who have gone through state benefits, the federal benefits are now not being given out because of this. so that is something that is stalled. there is also another bill that would provide aid to states to keep teachers from being laid off and to keep fire and police on the job. that's another bill that hasn't been able to pass because of the partisan atmosphere in congress. and now they only have three or four weeks to get everything
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else done until they leave again until mid-september. it's an election year so they want to go back and campaign in their district. so for the public it makes it look like they come into session and fight for a while and then they leave and what gets accomplished. so it certainly doesn't look good for lawmakers. >> and in the next three weeks, what can really get done? can anything really get done? >> as you mentioned, scott brown said he will vote for the financial regulatory bill and three other republicans from maine and they will probably help push the bill over the finish line. so that's one thing to get done. and another important thing is the unemployment benefits, we'll probably see that happen and be retroactive for june. so folks will get their unemployment checks. and one thing they may really try to tackle is energy and climate legislation. that's a really big thing on the democratic wish list. they want to move something that will show that we're making an effort to use more
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renewable energy and to decrease dependence on oil, the problem with the gulf and push that in the forefront and the idea of using energy sources other than oil. however this is an issue that will be tough for congress to move because again of the partisan atmosphere. so that's the real interesting story to watch, to see if they can move an energy and climate change bill before they leave. they don't have a lot of time so it will be really hard. >> are the democrats completely at the mercy, susan, and we can be frank here, of some republicans saying let's let this one go through. is that what it's come down to? >> i think yes. the republicans are going to be careful of not wanting to help democrats succeed. but democrats are having their own problems. much smaller problems but it's hindering the ability to pass thing. the for -- for example the financial reform bill each had someone to keep it from
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passing. and as for energy and climate change there are several democrats that are reluctant to pass anything that putsoy price on pollution because they are afraid it will increase energy prices. and republicans represent a majority of the opposition but democrats also are opposed as well. just fewer of them. their majority is slim for democrats and they can't afford to lose any in their own caucus. >> the eyes are on congress right now and we know people who don't have jobs or that whole dynamic now. is the perception that the 4th of july break and the coming up break, what is that perception doing for congress as they head into the november elections? >> it never looks good. before we leave the republicans will say we left town without doing this and trying to make the democrats look like they are not getting work done when we could stay in session and work. but for democrats it's so important to go back and campaign. there are so many seats that
7:22 am
are in jeopardy for democrats. dozens in the house and many in the senate as well. so they're really caught between that. and despite how bad it may look for them, they will run off and go campaigning any way because for that becomes the priority. >> that must happen. okay. susann fer yo, we appreciate your insight. and the race for governor in maryland is growing closer. we'll break down the latest numbers ahead. and it's supposed to be apple's best yet so why is the iphone getting bad reviews. and we're exploring the mystery surrounding mars. holly is showing us how we can learn more about the red planet in just a few minutes. it is 7:22. we'll be right back. me neither.
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might want to think twice before you buy the new iphone as consumer reports is not recommending that you buy it because of the antenna complaint. the nears tested the phone and confirmed there is a problem with the reception. the customers say the signal weakens if you touch a spot on the side of the phone. apple said new software will fix that problem. after winning the world cup, the spanish celebration continued yesterday as the champs met with juan carlos, the king of spain. the team wore their red jerseys and presented the king with one. later they paraded through the streets of madrid and were greeted by thousands of fans. and tonight you can watch the all-star game. the nationals will be represented by matt capps. the orioles will be represented by ty wigging ton. it begins tonight at 7:00 p.m.
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and frustrated customers say they sold their cars to a company and the checks bounced. now we've learned that the law might not even be able to help these customers. that is coming up. and as we head to the break, a live look outside. we'll get the latest weather and traffic from tony and julie coming up next. 7:26 now. ecic es
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welcome back. it's 7:30 right now. was that a gun of dis -- a gun of displeasure? >> no. it looks like a jig saw puzzle. >> is that picture going to change? >> yes it will. it will cloud up. but you know how they have the subtle color changes? do they still make jig saw puzzles. >> i believe they do. >> any young people do them? >> i don't believe they do. >> let's look outside. we're going to start with the temperature trend, allison. >> all right, tony. >> i'm not sure you'll like it. yesterday we topped ott at 87 and i think we'll do the same again today. but then it gets warmer. tomorrow 91 degrees, thursday hot and 94 degrees.
7:31 am
92 on friday. it's a hot summer, folks. what can i tell you. current temperatures around the region, rather soupy around the region, we've been saying this morning. the temperatures as we've been getting to tucker. can you do the honors, i don't have the clicker? 75 degrees right now in washington. 75 in baltimore. patuxent naval air station is at 77. fredericksberg 76. winchester holding firm at 69 degrees at this hour. here is a look at the satellite radar composite for the mid- atlantic region and what we're seeing is a precipitation that has pushed out. we had some good rainstorms overnight and during the early morning, that has all pushed off to the north and including heavy rain move ago cross delaware. now another little blip forming in eastern maryland. and we'll keep our eyes on that. but we'll expect to see more precipitation from the west making its way in here and a series of pulses coming through later on today. you can see the moisture out
7:32 am
there and a lot in the way of cloud cover and it's a mixed bag and it will be during the day today but a lot of clouds hanging around. forecast then for washington for today: mostly cloudy, showers and thunderstorms are likely, 70% chance, warm, humid, 87 degrees for the high. i know normally we talk about thunderstorms in the late afternoon and evening. but really today they could occur at any time. five-day forecast, look for a high tomorrow of about 91 degrees. can't rule out a scattered thunderstorm. as i said hot on thursday. still in the low 90s as we head into the weekend. maybe some late storms on saturday. that's the latest on the weather. now here is julie wright with an update on traffic. julie. >> i'm digging the spin stripes. i like it. >> i try my best. >> well you get an a. for effort today. on the roads, we're dealing with a mess in montgomery county because the signal lights are not working. we have trees and wires down along portions of 410 between
7:33 am
connecticut and jones mill. if you come up to a signal light, treat it as a four-way stop. and trouble in 66 after 50 fair oaks, the report of a disabled vehicle but i have two roll backs so i believe it's an accident on the left side of the roadway. traffic getting by using the two right lane as long 66 east from 50 toward 123. so this keeps you on the brakes from 7100 eastbound in the direction of the capital beltway. the inner loop will slow leaving 236 to 66. top side of the outer loop, now in the thick of it, 95 toward georgia avenue, all lanes are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. now to a fox 5 investigation. we have been telling you about a maryland business that seems to be out of business. but before it was shut down the company left behind victims struggling to get back thousands of dollars. it's called "we buy cars." as beth parker has been
7:34 am
reporting an unexpected twist in the law left customers looking for help. >> i'm scared and frustrated and angry. >> it's been a nightmare. >> i'm very much frustrated with this. >> reporter: fear, anger, frustration. that's how people describe the process of doing one simple thing, selling a car. it didn't start out that way. joyce harris wanted to save money by getting rid of a car payment. from her front porch she feels trapped in a financial pinch she never predicted. >> words can't even describe. i cried several times. >> reporter: like a lot of customers we talked with, harris first planned to sell her car to car max, a big chain. but when she approached the car max location in laurel, maryland, she spotted people holding up signs. >> it was a guy standing with a board and he was like jumping around and he was like we buy cars and i was lyko kay, let's try that. >> reporter: that was we buy
7:35 am
cars. >> the best place to sell your vehicle, period. >> reporter: the company has an office across the street from car max on route 1 in laurel. customers say the signs promise to beat car max's price and for the customer cash is king. harris' car was worth $10,000. and she said we buy cars gave her a check for 2,000 and promised to pay off the rest of the loan. she said the check bounced and the loan was never paid off. >> i road down there several times and i saw the signs on the door. >> reporter: each time she visited the door was locked and her fear grew. >> who has $10,000 laying around. >> nobody. nobody that i know. i work. >> reporter: so joyce harris' car was gone but her loan was never paid off. she owed money on a car she couldn't drive. >> i was very panicked. i was like i'm going to lose everything. >> reporter: and she had a lot of company. mrs. redding saw a story about we buy cars on fox 5 and waiting for her money too.
7:36 am
>> when i saw it on the news, i'm like -- we buy cars. finally somebody is doing something. >> reporter: the owner, allen art innocent this statement. we buy cars has been able to satisfy a substantial number of consumers since closing or doors on april 15th, 2010. however there are still several existing consumers that are awaiting resolution of their claims and i'm doing everything in my power to resolve them as soon as possible. i never intended to dishonor my commitment to the consumers and deeply reget the impact this has had on them. some of the frustrated consumers contacted the attorney general office. sherland copeland got us the letter in return. >> unfortunately because you are the sellner -- in this dispute and not the consumer, we have no jurisdiction to assist you. >> i was heart broken. >> reporter: that's what the attorney general's office told us too. you see the maryland consumer
7:37 am
laws protect the purchasers of goods and services. but since these people were actually selling a car, instead of buying one, they're out of luck. that twist in the law came as a bit of surprise to sally young jamison, she chairs the consumer protection subcommittee in the house of delegates. >> i was surprised. >> reporter: she said after hearing the stories of what happened to the customers, she plans to take another look. >> we don't want to change a law just because of a single incident. but i think that this certainly points out that there is a problem, and that it needs to be fixed. >> reporter: and would you consider changing the law. >> absolutely. >> reporter: joyce harris hopes the law does change to ease some of the frustration she feels toward government. >> it's sad. it's really sad. we're taxpayers. they buy out everybody, they
7:38 am
help everybody but the people. we the people, we have rights too. >> reporter: ultimately harris' car was paid off by the auto auction from we buy cars. she got her money the hard way. in maryland, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> a spokesperson for the howard county office plans to meet with the maryland motor vehicle association to determine if any laws had been violated into coming up next on fox 5 morning news, we'll break down the latest numbers regarding the governor's race in maryland. a race continuing to grow closer by the day. and that is next. and also ahead, new figures show millions of more americans have credit scores that could hurt them when it comes to tighter lending standards that banks use. how you can get a better score coming up. we have tips in the next hour. 
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the road to re-election getting a little bumpy for alley in maryland. a new poll shows that the
7:42 am
governor's race is neck and neck but with former governor bob ehrlich slightly ahead. scott rasmussen of rasmussen reports joins us this morning. >> good morning. good to be with you. the race is aclose witherlick at 47% and o'malley at 46%. this drives down the fact that 50% of voters state wide approve of the way o'malley is doing his job and that assures you a close race. >> how has this tightened or changed over the last couple of months? >> well if you go back to february, we showed o'malley ahead 49-43% and it's gotten closer. but the big story is every single time we've polled o'malley numbers have been about 49% and it's close each time. neither candidate has hit the 50% mark and i think we'll be talking about this race well into the fall. >> that's what we like, a good
7:43 am
tied race. you talk about some of the job approvals here. are you looking at overall job approval or do you try to weigh this more on people really in favor of one candidate or the other? >> well we do look at the overall job approval but we then take a look in terms of personal opinions and who have strong opinions about the candidates and right now erlick is coming out better. the number was very favorable or very unfavorable of the governor are split. bob ehrlich comes out more on the positive side. but we're talking about politicians and campaigns. most americans are focused on the economy and that's a key issue in this race as it is all across the country. >> and as far as how maryland rates the economy, what is that? >> 11% say it's in good or excellent shape, 44% say it's in poor shape. 42% say it's getting worse. just 35% say it's getting better. and when you ask if we are still in a recession, 67% say
7:44 am
yes, we are. >> and scott, real quick, getting back to the governor's race, does either one of the candidates carry their own party better than the other? >> sure. right now bob ehrlich is doing a great job getting support from republicans but 22% of democrats say they will cross over and vote for the republican candidate. >> interesting stuff. scott rasmussen, thank you very much. we appreciate the poll. and you can find the latest polls online at and click on web links and you'll find it there. tight race, one to watch for sure. >> sure is. 7:44 right now and tony is back with a look at the day. not as warm but the humidity will be in full effect. am i reading that right. >> you are reading it correctly. so relatively speaking, it's still going to be uncomfortable outside. temperatures today in the upper 80s which is where we were yesterday but high humidity levels. let me show you the regional temperatures. no big changes this morning.
7:45 am
you remember a week ago when our temperatures were jumping every hour. that's not happening now. cloud cover helping to keep things steady. 75 in the discount. roanoke at 76 and new york city is at 79 at this hour. here is a look at the course of today. we've had the energy system come through during the overnight and early morning, producing heavy rain and thunderstorms in eastern portions of maryland. that's pushing out. a cold front will push threw here eventually on wednesday. and although we can't rule out some thunderstorm activity during the course of the day, by late tomorrow things will start to calm down a little bit as far as the chance of rain. but it's not really going to cool us off. we'll see our temperatures move up into the low 90s. here is your forecast for the next five days. high today about 87 degrees, good chance of showers and thunderstorms during the course of the day and into the nighttime. tomorrow maybe a couple of
7:46 am
scattered storms early, 91- degree on thursday. friday and saturday hot and chance of more showers late on saturday. that's a look at the weather. more is coming up in just a little bit. >> tony, thank you. let's get on traffic once again with julie wright. >> good morning to you all. and now we're hearing of an accident southbound along 270 before you reach the exit for 28 in rockville. possibly tieing up the left lane in the local lanes. 395 across the 14th street bridge, lanes are open, it's heavy and steady over the potomac. coming southbound on the gw parkway after 123, accident there in the left lane with a backup leaving the first scenic overlook. no problems down south at the wilson bridge. earlier problem, eastbound 66 near fair oaks has cleared. this is a live shot of 270 coming southbound in the main line out of rockville. no incidents to report here but definitely something happening. southbound at 28, that's where we had to receive word of an incident tieing up the left lane of two in the local lanes. that's a check of your fox 5 on-
7:47 am
time traffic. other stories making headlines now. the statue of the late ronald reagan could soon come to reagan national. the ronald reagan presidential committee signed a deal to place a bronze statue in front of terminal a. the project will cost a whopping half million dollars. a virginia town known for its 18th century roots is going high-tech. williamsberg city officials plan to go paperless with the i pad. this is so council members could be handled electronic and it is expected to save thousands of sheets of paper. the mysteries of the red planet will be exploring this week at the national air and space museum. >> holly is there as they get ready for mars day. holly, good tuesday morning. >> reporter: good morning. i'm already learning lots of fun things. see that right there? that shows you that mars is about half the size of saturn. you can learn that and a whole
7:48 am
lot more if you come out this friday where here at the air and space museum they are gearing up for the annual mars day, what it is and what to learn and why you don't want to miss it all live next on fox 5 morning news. hea. d t tos
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it could be that water country usa has more of the waves, slides and rides everyone wants. so plan your getaway and come play. you never know who you'll run into. get started at
7:51 am
it is tuesday morning, july 13th, time now is 7:50. the folks on the enprize are exploring the final frontier and running into bizarre alien life forms. >> it was great for tv. but as far as the reality of space, there is still plenty of the mysteries to explore and holly morris is at the national air and space museum this morning. >> reporter: good morning. one of the most intriguing mysteries has everything to do with the red planet and that's why here at the national air and space museum, since 1996 they have a whole day dedicated to mars. and chris strain is the museum curator and came back after college and never left and during that time has risen to the title of chief martian. she even has the hat to prove it. i love it. but you are the one that came up with mars day. tell me why you thought that was so important. >> well we started it on the
7:52 am
20th anniversary of the viking landing on mars. and the planet mars is just a place that really intrigues people and really fascinates people and people want to learn a lot about it. so we thought it would be a great idea to have a day when visitors can come and talk to the scientists who do a lot of work on mars research and on mars missions so that folks could learn a lot about mars. >> two things that i think are really cool. one, this is the only day when all of the planetary scientists are out on the floor where people can interact and really learn. >> that's right. and we have scientists who do a lot of mars research and who are on the science team for several nasa missions. >> reporter: and that's the second thing that i think is cool, that i think people don't realize, is this isn't a museum where you put together exhibits, this is a place where scientists are researching and learning. and so let's talk about some of the things people will see. >> well here we have a full scale model of the mars
7:53 am
exploration rover, the spirit and opportunity on mars right now. >> reporter: and this is the second set of rovers that went up, right. >> that's right. there was the sojourn, which was the smaller rover. >> reporter: and this is about two times the size of sojourner. >> oh, even more. >> reporter: and there is another one set to go up. >> and hopefully to launch in 2011 that is twice as big as this one. >> reporter: and so talk about the active parts of the -- parts the scientists play here right now with mars. >> one of the scientists is the chair of the science operation working group and that means that he works with the group to come to a consensus about where the rover should go and what targets they should look at and whether she should stay in one place or move on to the next one. >> reporter: so he works here but he's on the team deciding what it is doing on mars? driving it from here, so to
7:54 am
speak. >> that's correct. >> reporter: and this is a whole new section. >> right. just opened in march. all about the latest results on mars and the different processes that operate on the surface. >> reporter: and another cool thing here is the meteorite. tell me about this. >> this is a meteorite that came from mars. it's an actual piece of mars. an on mars day we'll have several more here that visitors can look at and talk with experts about. >> reporter: and that's one of the things going on on friday, is there a lot of -- you have the learning, the discovery carts. can you tell me a few highlights of things going on throughout the day. >> well visitors will be able to see 3-d images of mars and detailed high resolution images of mars. we have our red planet quiz show. we have a story time for children. and we have mini robots that people can operate to collect mars samples. and people can learn about mars geology and current and future
7:55 am
missions. >> reporter: what is the biggest question people ask about mars. >> people want to know if there is life on mars. >> reporter: so is there? >> well we haven't answered that question yet but we're working hard to find out. >> reporter: and how long do you think people should allow to come here and really get the most of the whole day on friday? >> well we have 18 different activities, so i think folks would probably want to stay for a four hours. >> reporter: yeah, stay for a few hours. i would probably stay the whole time. and if you want to come and stay the whole time, here is what you need to know. mars day going on at the national museum of air and space is this friday july 16th from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 in the afternoon. some activities last the whole time and some are interspersed throughout the day. and so go to web and we have a link to their website. in the next hour we'll talk with one of the scientists and find out what some of the latest pictures look like from mars. back to you guys. >> always interesting stuff. holly, thank you very much. let's head out to the west
7:56 am
coast and some other objects launched into space. angel stadium playing host for the all-stars for the first time since 1989. that is matt halladay. that is an upper deck shot. 497 feet. not good enough to win though. he didn't make it to the second round. hanley ramirez did. he went up against the red sox's david ortiz. ramirez hit 21 home runs to advance to the finals and then just hit five. whereas ortiz clubbed 11 and that's enough to win. david ortiz your home run derby champion. a lefty has won five of the last seven years. and you can watch the major league all-star game. the nationals are representing by closer matt capps. right now it's 7:56 and there are new numbers out showing more than a quarter of
7:57 am
consumers have a credit score below 600 and that makes them a pretty good risk. what can you do to raise your credit score. we'll talk about that when we come back. and there may be home in the form of three new diet drugs for those that are obese. we'll look at the pros and cons of this diet drug. we'll be right back. ecic
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
disturbing discovery in part of fairfax county. a man trying to take a photo of a deer finds what appears to be a human skull on the side of the road. and chaos for metro commuters but the problem wasn't on the train but smoke in a crowded dupont circle metro station. we're live with more and what things look like this morning. and then new hope in the form of three now diet drugs for the nearly 35% of americans who are obese. we'll look at the pros and cons of the medications this hour. thanks for being with us on this tuesday morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. up first, a traffic alert to pass along. east-west highway closed between rockton and jones mill
8:01 am
road in chevy chase. this is expected to last for a while. pepco crews are work on repairing power lines knocked out by a downed tree. >> we'll keep an eye on that. any more rain on the way coming in today? >> i think we'll see rain showers develop during the course of the day and maybe even thunderstorm activity here and there. so don't put the umbrellas away just yet. right now current conditions being report add cross the area at reagan national, we have a temperature of 75 degrees. relative humidity 84%. it's humid here in the studios as well. there is no wind to speak of so that's not helping. barometric pressure slightly on the rise, 29.88 and rising. here is a look at the satellite radar composite for this morning. we have plenty of clouds out there. it doesn't mean there is no sunshine. there is rays of sun coming through so that is not bad. but we'll see more clouds build in as the day progresses. as you can see across the eastern united states, a lot of moisture in place. we're going to have the impulses coming through here during the course of the day today and during the nighttime
8:02 am
hours so that could strigger more showers and thunderstorms. we continue to see rain up and down the eastern seaboard. your forecast for today, mostly cloudy, showers and thunderstorms likely, about a 70% chance, warm, humid, high about 87 degrees. that's near normal. 88 is normal for today. that's the latest. >> thank you tony. let's check in with julie wright. you talked about 410 but what else is going on? >> that's about it. 410 is the big story. i just got off the phone with the montgomery county police that for six to seven hours, that portion of the highway will remain closed off between connecticut and jones mill. and that's why we had trees down across the highway as a result of last night's storm. the power has been restored to the signal light and that's a good thing and in some areas you might find police to direct you around. but 410 will be closed off between connecticut and jones mill until further notice. now on the top stretch of the
8:03 am
beltway you're below speed 95 to georgia. southbound 270, two lanes blocked off there with a crash. eastbound 66, heavy, slow and steady that's how she rolls from 50 fair oaks toward the capital beltway. the accident on southbound george washington beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. tense moments at the dupont circle metro station. the sight of smoke filling the station and firefighters rushing inside was enough to send passenger news a panic. sarah simmons joins us live from the metro station with an update on the issue that sparked a chaotic rush hour scene. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison. you can imagine with all of the smoke, people were worried about what was going on. some of the escalators didn't work last night either so people panicked over that. but this morning the escalators are still not working but it's a different scene. we're not seeing smoke billowing out of the north entrance here at dupont circle.
8:04 am
so folks are walking down two of the escalators that are not working. that is a long walk. and then there is one exiting people out of the station. now crews have been working overnight on the escalators into this morning. and as i said, two out of the three are not working at both of the locations north and south. and according to w-mata's website, the estimated time to put it back in service could be a couple of days and that's what metro employees were indicating to us as well. just before 6:00 last night, this is what happened. firefighters were called to dupont circle for smoke coming from the escalators. people were trying to escape from the south entrance because smoke was coming from one on the north side. and in the meantime, red line passengers were still filling the station, trains were continuing to allow people to get off. and while some described that scene as very chaotic, others say seeing the escalators out of service today is just like any other day of the week. >> it was different.
8:05 am
you didn't know the police -- there was a smell of smoke, and it was just completely confusing and there was no direction and you were move ago long with the people. >> pretty much in the morning, but it depends on the day when you come back outside. just used to it. >> reporter: a lot of people are not used to it, not over what happened last night. but thankfully after all of that there were no injuries to report. but still this morning no response as to why the red line trains continued to drop folks off at the dupont metro which created the crush of people trying to get out of there. we'll continue to follow it and bring you the latest. we're live here at dupont circle, sarah simmons, fox 5 news. back to you. in fairfax county, investigators are trying to identify a pair of -- apparent human remains found in a ditch. a driver stopped to photograph a deer and spotted what is believed to be a human skull
8:06 am
and other human remains on the side of route 1 in lorton. at this point investigators don't know who they belong to or how the person died. they will conduct an autopsy later today. new this morning, an attack on nato troops in afghanistan overnight. a rogue afghan soldier fired a rocket propelled grenade into soldiers, killing three british troops and wounding others. nato is investigating. afghan president hamid karzai spent an apology. and the attacks in uganda. as investigators stop another plotted bomb. it is believed to be the same group responsible for sunday attacks. and emily kerstetter and her grandmother went to uganda to do missionary work.
8:07 am
group was wounded as they sat in a restaurant watching the world cup finals. >> disbelief. just don't think it's real. there is to way emily could be injured. why? why did it happen? >> emily suffered shrapnel injuries to her legs and has been taken to a trauma center in johannesberg. her grandmother has a broken arm. a somalia group with ties to al- qaeda has been linked to the scare. a boy fell out of a window and went to the hospital. he fell from a unlocked window. he landed on the roof of a shed about 8 feet down and rolled off and fell another 6 feet to the ground. the good news is he should be okay. not the same situation in georgetown. sad news for the 10-year-old struck by a car recently. police tell us that child died at children's hospital last night. he was hit while walking in a
8:08 am
crosswalk on wisconsin avenue near reservoir road on sunday night. he was visiting the district with his family from texas. the driver did stay on the scene after the accident but police have not said whether they will be charged. two more people have died from heat related illness. a 65-year-old hartford resident was found in temperatures well over 100 degrees and another person was found in a baltimore home. so far this summer 12 people in maryland have died because of the heat. a group of former police officers has filed a lawsuit against a small maryland city. four former new carrollton police cops came forward with information about alleged illegal activity inside the department. they say that reporting the problems ended up costing them their jobs. the mayor, city administrator and police chief are among those named in the lawsuit. court documents show three officers claim they were force the to resign and a fourth fired for a minor rule
8:09 am
violation. >> when you get caught in the middle of police corruption, you're stuck. especially if it involves your commanders or supervisors. >> three of the officers actually went to the mayor and he did nothing. >> the lawsuit seeks more than $8 million in damages. it's 9 minutes past the hour on this tuesday morning. there are new numbers that show that more than a quarter of consumers have a credit score of 600 or less, making them poor risk. so what you can do to raise your credit store and we have tips when we come back. and a nightmare for apple. consumer reports is recommending that people not buy the iphone. more consumer news when we come back. 
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
it is 8:12 now. time for a look at stories making headlines this morning. three people are dead following a shooting at a manufacturing plant in new mexico. a man angry over a child custody dispute shot his girlfriend outside of the albuquerque plant where she worked and killed to workers
8:13 am
before the gun on himself. tragedy in the virgin islands as a 14-year-old girl was killed in the cross fire of a gang shootout while on family vacation. this happened as she rode with relatives on a bus to st. thomas yesterday into a warning about something called k 2 that is said to produce the same effect as marijuana. the dea said it is sparking more calls to poison stations and more visits to emergency rooms. right now there is not enough research on the chemical to know the effects. experts are analyzing the synthetic compound to determine whether it should be classified as a controlled substance. and the new iphone has reception problems and consumer reports is recommending that people not buy it. customers complained that holding the phone in a certain way causes calls to drop. apple said that's not the problem and it's a software
8:14 am
issue and new software will fix the problem. >> and they're giving that away for free? >> it would be nice. it won't happen. tony perkins is joining us with another look at the weather and what are we calling it these days? let's call it the sweetness factor. >> i like all of the names you come up with. yes, the sweetness factor for what is officially called the my first 5 photo of the day. let's take a look. this is -- [ laughter ] >> wow. how adorable. >> for a second i could not see the adult arms and i thought wow. >> look at that. that is a great pose. >> this is 5-month-old charlie. it looks like he's found a way to beat the heat. and his responsible adult holding him up in the pool. but charlie looks like he's completely school. >> he has his swim diaper on. he's so cute. >> that's a great photo. thank you for sending that in.
8:15 am
to send us your child's photo go to and click on mornings. let's take a look at the temperatures around the region. hey, this map didn't update. we have gone up. it is now 76 degrees. 76 degrees here in washington. 75 at annapolis. 75 in quantico. 74 at dulles. gaithersburg is at 72 degrees at this hour. here is a look at the satellite radar composite. what we are looking at is some clouds across the region. it's humid outside. and the rain showers that we were seeing earlier pushed well off to the north and east. although more rain has developed in eastern maryland. so we talked about this all morning, we're going to see more showers and thunderstorms develop as the morning progresses. here is your five-day forecast. today mostly cloudy. before we get to that, take a look at what is happening out west. we have more rainfall out there. here is your five-day forecast,
8:16 am
high today about 87 degrees, more clouds, hot, humid, showers and thunderstorms are likely. 70% chance today. maybe some more scattered showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. 91 degrees for the high. thursday should be dry but hot, 94. friday, saturday, temperatures in the low 90s. can't rule out more precip on the latter part of saturday. that's a look at what is happening with the weather. now let's take another look at this morning's rush hour traffic. and with that we have julie wright. so i go get the a.c. fixed and now it's only a high of 87. i wake up this morning and you could hang meat in the living room. >> yes, you can. it's hot. and you need the a.c. again tomorrow. >> the dog is like what is going on here? >> the dog would like some meat hung in the living room. >> i'm sure he would. on the roads right now, we're talking the outer loop of the beltway below speed leaving new hampshire avenue trying to
8:17 am
and toward georgia. all of the lanes on the outer loop are open for business. right now 95-295 nice out of laurel. southbound on 270 the incident has cleared. and 410 east west highway going to be shut down until further notice. they have to restring wires and chop up a tree and it remains closed. power has been restored to the signal lights in the area. eastbound 66, still heavy, slow and steady leaving fair oaks past vienna and toward the capital beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. is the world broke? that's the subject of our new series, looking at the continued financial mess. and millions of more americans have credit scores that could prevent them from getting credit cards, auto loans or mortgages under the tighter lending standards. and the question is how can you boost your score. dan motley joins us.
8:18 am
is this really tied into the tightening of the rates we're seeing out there. >> about a year ago we saw that credit card companies started lowering people's limits and getting rid of customers that were either not using their cards very frequently or who -- or giving them penalty rates that would make somebody want to close a card. so it's definitely -- we have the squeeze here now on the consumer side of the credit industry. >> anybody who has tried to get a loan at any point probably has an idea where their credit score is but we're seeing more of them under 600 where we had not seen as much before. >> people who had great credit before are surprised to see their number has come down and that again is because credit limits are down. so they have a different profile now, depending on what their lender has done, and also they're own behavior. >> let's talk about how we can raise that score. what do we need to do to make sure we get a boost to that number? >> the biggest thing, the two
8:19 am
factor that's determine 65% of your credit score are paying your bills on time and staying within reasonable limits, credit limits, not maxing out your card essentially. so you want to stay below 35 percent of your available credit. if you have a $1,000 limit you want to keep that below $350 if you can. >> and are we talking about paying them on time or is there still a grace period where we won't get into trouble here? >> i would just ignore the grace period and pay it on time. because once you start to let this slip then the bad marks start to add up and they can effect your credit score. >> we're putting other tips on the screen right now. and we'll be able to put those on our website as well. but just to give you an idea. you talked about keeping the balances low. do we want to make sure that -- we talked about this in the past if you have a whole bunch of accounts, can you close the
8:20 am
accounts and will it impact our score. >> a lot of people think if they don't have a balance, they should close it. but that isn't necessarily the case. you want to let the gray hair show, so to speak. and your credit history factors into your overall score. so the cards that you've had for the longest period of time, number one it shows the length of the credit history and number two that is an available line of credit and if you are using cards or have -- or if you happen to carry balances, that line of credit is helping your debt to available credit ratio. so you want to use that card as well. you don't want it going dormant. you want to use it to help your score. >> use it but pay it off. >> what is a target score. we talk about people being under the score of 600, what should we aim for to be in good standing to try to get a loan and a decent rate. >> 650 is the lowest. you won't get great rates but
8:21 am
they'll say we will extend credit to you. i say shoot for around 700 or 750. so shoot for something in the 700 range if you can. and again, it's just a simple behavior that could help improve your score over time, it's very frustrating if we find ourselves at the 600 mark or lower because we feel like this will never change. realistically if we do these things and start now to make sure we pay our bills on time and don't do anything else wrong, how long will it take to boost the score. >> look at your credit report and make sure the information is accurate. because if there is misinformation on there, inaccurate information, and some studies show that 80% of credit reports have errors, that might be affecting your score. you get that taken care of and immediately you see a bump. and paying down your limits, that can help approve your score in three months. other thing that's just take time. don't monkey too much with this because that's also a way that
8:22 am
people get into trouble. they try and maneuver and do all of the different things thinking if i open a line here and start using this card there. >> it could be backing out everything else. >> it could hurt you in the long-term. >> slow and steady. day anna yoakum, thank you very much. >> thank you, steve into a poll out this morning shows democrats may have a tough time this election season. we'll have the details coming up next. and then a little later we're live at the air and space museum where they are gearing up for mars day on friday. find out how you and your family can get involved in this hands-on event. we'll be right back.
8:23 am
8:24 am
this doesn't have to be our future. not if the senate acts now on legislation to promote energy efficiency, biofuels, and renewable energy sources. let's make america more energy independent, protect our environment, and create millions of new jobs right here at home - instead of losing those jobs to other countries. if you want to change america's energy future, call your senators and
8:25 am
tell them to support clean energy legislation now. 8:25 now. and there may be another name in the 2012 presidential race. former house speaker newt gingrich is considering to run. he said he will make his decision early next year. he does predict a republican will win the white house next and he calls president obama a, quote, disaster. now the prediction about a shift back to the g.o.p. could hold true if a new poll is any reflection of what is
8:26 am
ahead. the poll by abc news and the washington post said that 51% of those surveyed said they would rather see republicans in charge of congress right now to keep the president' policies in check. 43% wants democrats in charge. this is ahead of the mid term election. the poll shows the president's approval rating at 50%, that's the same mace where president clinton was in the summer of 1994 when a few months later republicans did win the house and the senate. and today president obama will announce new tactics in the fight against hiv aids. the white house said 56,000 people in the united states become infected every year. more than a million americans are living with. d.c. has the highest rate of infection in the country. the strategy, which will be outlined later today, includes plans to reduce the rate of new infections by 25% over the next five years. 8:26 on this tuesday morning. a top diabetes drug may soon be a thing of the past and we'll have details coming up next.
8:27 am
and then there may be new hope in the term of three new diet drugs for americans that are obese. we'll look at the pros and cons of these medications when fox 5 morning news returns. [ male announcer ] cha-cha-in' to the new cuban pulled pork. the new subway cuban pulled pork sub's as enticing and intoxicating as a night in habana. mambo to slow smoked pulled pork and tender black forest ham. this sub's packed with layer upon layer of flamboyant flavor -- mustard, pickles and bubbly melted cheese. or set the dance floor ablaze and try it on fresh toasted flatbread.
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checking headlines at 8:30 this morning. the new cap is sitting on the blown-out well in the gulf of mexico. engineers are conducting tests to see if it is working. they're using under water robots one mile down to shut valves and run tests to check the pressure. bp said the new cap will funnel all of the leaking oil to the ships on the surface. cuba's fidel castro back on television. he appears relaxed and laughing. the former dictator has not been seen in public much. this is the first time we've seen him since he got sick and handed power over to his brother raul four years ago. and starting today it will cost you more money to get a
8:31 am
passport or renew. adult passport fees from increased from $75 to $110. the new fees will enable the u.s. department of state to upgrade technology among other things. and 8:30 and tucker barnes looking at this work day and beyond. >> thank you very much, allison. we have showers and thunderstorms overnight east of the beltway and still watching them at this hour now. you can see them falling off to the east as cambridge, st. michaels, pushing off to the north and east. we had a good shower come through the beaches and so all lifting off to the forth and east. and more showers and thunderstorms and a lot of humidity in the forecast today. let's go to the satellite and i'll show you what is on the move here out to the west. so in between two systems here. here is the rain overnight. that's pushing up toward new york city. and up to the west, another impulse in the atmosphere and this will come in the form of a cold front which will get through later this afternoon and tonight. and more showers in the
8:32 am
forecast later today, just like yesterday and a lot of humidity. good news, with the cloud cover, high temperatures will only be in the 80s. look at our current temperature. 76 degrees. humidity 83%. no winds to seem of. out of the north at 0 miles per hour. pressure is down. 29.09 inches. showers around and it will be warm and you'll notice the humidity with highs only in the 80s. not feeling comfortable for you. sunshine returns tomorrow. could be an early thunderstorm tomorrow and then a little sunshine late in the day. 90s for thursday, friday and saturday. in fact down right hot around here on thursday with highs, look at that, back in the mid- 90s. so if you like summertime heat, it will be back. and now over to allison. >> tucker, thank you so much. today on the hill, a hearing to look into the safety of avandia. the popular diabetes drug was found to be a risk of heart
8:33 am
attack. but glaxo smith klein say several trials show it is safe and an advisory panel could vote this week to remove the drug from the market. and the fda will investigate three new diet drugs. and joining us scott kayhan discussing the possibility or promise of new drugs. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> now let me ask you. when patients come to you as a medical doctor, these diet pills, is there any diet pill out there that you would just say, yeah, sure, that's okay, try that one or does conventional wisdom still hold diet and exercise, it's a combination. we have a number of drugs. some fda approves for weight loss and others used for other purposes but have weight loss properties. and they're useful for some patients. now no drug will be useful specifically on its own. it needs to be in combination with a healthy diet and
8:34 am
exercise but it can be a useful tool in addition to a healthy lifestyle. >> before we talk about the three new ones the problem is the side effects, some of them, with fen-phen years back, could be deadly. is that the problem with some diet drugs out there. >> that's part of the problem. so certainly with any drug, whether weight loss or any other drugs, there are side effects. even with vitamins there are side effects. we need to find a drug in which benefits out weigh the risk and we have a few but they are not off the charts wonderful. the new ones coming out seem to be more effective and seem to have fairly low rates of side effects. that said, we tend to look at a society at these drugs different from other drugs. we expect side effects when we look at blood or cholesterol drugs but when we look at weight drugs we expect it to be effective without any side effects at all and i think that's unrealistic and if
8:35 am
that's the way we're going to look at and that is the way the fda will assess it then it's unlikely to move forward. >> and producer wouldn't mind starting over with the full screen so we can show the viewer at home. kun exa, a few combine existing drugs and side effects are worrying and then there is one less effective but less side effects. they are saying patients lost between 13-15% and side effects were memory concentration problems. and then with contra, side effects not as troubling. anything to add about those two? >> with both of the medications, they are combinations of existing medications and we've used the medications for weight loss for some time now. and it's true, there are certainly some side effects and for some people it keeps them from using them and at some people we have to go at low doses which they are not effective. but for other people they are
8:36 am
quite effective as a tool in addition to a healthy lifestyle and that's probably going to be how it is with these. now in combination and in the combinations that they use which are sustained release and in lower doses, they're probably going to be better tolerated, they'll be able to be used by more people who need them. but there are a number of people who don't tolerate the side effects, whether it's tingling or nausea or difficulty sleeping, things like that. >> and the third one is lorcasin. >> it is. >> and the first of its kind and acts on seratonin receptors and patients lost 5% of the body weight and its results aren't as good but better side effects. >> but again it's just one other potential tool to be useful for some people and not others and in some people they'll see a greater than 5%
8:37 am
weight loss. >> do you expect the fda to pass these three drugs. >> the first one the fda is looking at this week, i'm hopeful. we've use the the drugs for a while and we know the side effects and the studies are pose -- are positive. and another one is being looked at in september and the other one in december. i'm pretty positive about those as well, although i know less because less of the data has been shown. >> dr. scott kayhan, george washington university weight management. thank you very much. >> thank you. and 8:37 now. and coming up we'll reveal our job of the day. and then every friday this fox 5 morning news will head to a home town friday. we'll be live at fredericksberg starting at 6:00 a.m. on friday morning. we hope you come out and see us. we'll let you know later this week exactly where we'll be so
8:38 am
you can stop and say hello to our fox 5 morning team. it's 8:37. back after this. ecic
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a decision has been made as
8:41 am
northrup grumman has selected a spot in falls church, virginia, to be the new corporate headquarters, beating out locations in maryland and d.c. for the coveted defense contractor. the company said the new location will create 300 jobs with an average salary of $200,000. the new facility will be open by next summer. if you're looking for work, check out our job shop on today's job of the day is at the american institutes for research. looking for a digital marketing specialist with five years of experience in search engine optimization. for more information on this job and many others go to and click on the job shop at the top of the home page. it is now 8:41 on this terse morning and dog owners in one local community will soon have to pay so their pups can play. >> we'll have the details when we come back. and we'll check in with holly who is having fun for free today. we like that, holly. >> reporter: that's kind of --
8:42 am
the kind of fun. it's here on friday. it's mars day, an annual celebration of the red planet. and these are pictures being taken by camera on mars right now as we speak and guess what, you can help decide what pictures it takes next. we're going to find out about that live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg, where d.c. goes to get away. maybe it's because washington d.c. loves the legendary coasters. or that your entire family will have fun, even the little ones. it could be that water country usa
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well that tells you what it's going to do today. >> that is so cute. welcome back to fox 5 morning news. and it's time to check in with kennedy the weather dog. and steve, just like you said, it looks like he's ready to go on out and face the elements today. and he doesn't look like he minds the raincoat. >> he's protected because he knows it's a better option than getting wet. >> it has ducks with umbrellas. thanks kennedy the weather dog. dog owners in montgomery county will soon have to pay for pups to play.
8:46 am
>> signs have been posted at five dog parks. in our new series called is the world broke, stacy cohan takes a look at how one community has found a way to raise a few dollars. >> reporter: this is what greets most dogs, a park and a sniff and a promise of leash- free fun. but this is what greets the owners. an announcement from the county that a romp in the park is no longer free fun. it's $40 a year for each furry friend. >> i have three dogs so that will add up. i'm already paying the license for the dogs and on top of this one, i don't know. they're making all kinds of money from us. >> the $40 annual fee won't go back into the dog parks, it's going to the general fund for the whole montgomery county parks and rec. >> reporter: it's true the county has been spiff -- sniffing around for ways to cut costs. >> this is not out of whack
8:47 am
with what other park jurisdictions are doing. we've never charged for what other districts do and have for a long time. >> reporter: and there is an effort to roll the cash back into the dog park. but the wheaton park comes with a private pool, it has a broken back gate. but some folks understand the need to pool resources in these tough times. >> we would all prefer to have services and not have to pay for them but everything costs money and i understand the county is having a difficult time. >> reporter: even if you don't have dogs, this issue could be important to you. after all, keeping the dogs content is key to keeping your community safe. >> socialized dogs make for nicer animals and less dog bites and i think it's a win- win situation for everybody. >> reporter: a tired dog is a happy dog and dog parks provide that safe space for such activity. but if you want to run with the pack in montgomery county, you'll have to give up a few bones.
8:48 am
stacy cohan, fox 5 news. >> and some animal rescue groups have complained about the huge cost they will face with the per dog fee. >> the county is working to work that out for rescue organizations. well now to something that is free for us. our city's great museums. >> this friday it is mars day at the fashional air and space museum and that's where holly is getting a preview for us this morning. holly, good morning. >> reporter: it's free and it's cool. in more ways than one. the a.c. is cranking here and the subject matter is beyond cool. that's especially the case on friday when they have their annual mars day. all things red planet on friday and you'll be amazed at the things you'll learn and the things you'll see. that's where patrick russell comes in because he holds in his hand a model of the camera that is actually up on mars right now, right? >> yes. it's orbiting mars right now. >> reporter: and it's on the -- >> the mars spacecraft. >> reporter: and complain the
8:49 am
level of technology with this camera. >> it's a digital camera except that back here you are pointing it yourself. back here you would have an 800 megapixel camera with a telescope that is a foot and a half wide and this is about five feet tall. >> reporter: so i was going to say, this is a fifth of the size. >> yes. >> reporter: of what it really is. and who control what's picture it takes? >> all of the team members kind of take turns deciding what pictures to take and my turn is coming up in the coming weeks. >> so what are you going to take? do you know? >> i don't know. i haven't decided. people can suggest their own. >> reporter: how do you that? >> you go to and high risk. >> reporter: we'll have a link to that so you can do this. and now let's talk about the
8:50 am
pictures that have been taken with high-rise. >> this is an exciting one. kind of found it by accident. what we have here is kind of an avalanche cloud in progress. this is a big cliff here and what we think happened is if you can imagine a bunch of snow sitting on a rocky cliff about half a pile high, for some reason it kind of comes loose and cascades down the slip and then out on to the planes. >> -- i think i see a martian snowboarder on there. >> keep your eyes open. >> reporter: is it rare to find action and activity going on. >> you can take a before and after picture and see things that changed. but to see this moving is pretty rare. it was seeing some dust devils which also exist on earth. >> reporter: you have another one behind there? >> yep. this is kind of an interesting pattern. these are polygons on the surface.
8:51 am
if you remember the mars phoenix lander landed in the north polar terrain and what we have here, a different scale poll polygon that -- polygon that tells you how deep the ice is and how much there is and the temperature. so that's important for our knowledge of how much water exists on mars. >> reporter: and if there is water on a planet? >> then there could be life. >> reporter: there could be. you never know. what is the coolest thing you've learned in the pictures you've seen? >> i would say that just how active mars is. i think this has shown us the human scale. you could imagine yourself scanning the pictures the resolution is so good and that we see things changing. blocks are falling off cliffs. we see avalanches, we see dunes moving. we see things actually changing, sew -- slowly, but they are happening. >> reporter: and it's happening here at the museum on friday.
8:52 am
patrick, thank you so much. is our website and we have a link to theirs so you can see their activities. the time is from 10:00 until 3:00 on friday. in the next hour, dr. jim is joining us to talk about all things martian, at least that's what i hear. so back to you. it should by fun. >> it sounds like it, holly. thank you very much. >> all things -- you know what that means? little martians. >> perhaps. 8:52 right now. talking about snacks and appetizers and there is a popular one that tops it when we're making you sick. and we're talking about food. and what you should order and not order. and also coming up, two actors from the wire are here. >> that's pretty cool. >> what they are doing now and how the show is making a new comeback. d t tos
8:53 am
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8:56 am
the best in baseball for one night on fox. tonight the 2010 all-star game out in anaheim, california, the home of the angels. casey stegall tells us why the mid-season classic could stand high above the rest. >> there is a base hit into centerfield. >> reporter: in the 12th all- star broadcast, fox is taking out all of the stops with a dugout full of major league talent for the mid-season including-fest. >> i know these guys do things at a different level and it looks a lot easier on tv. everyone once in a -- every once if a while i'll get a feel for the speed and the velocities of the pitches. >> reporter: more than just a game to decide home field advantage for the world series, it's a celebration of the sport and a time to give back. especially to the 30 americans
8:57 am
chosen as all-stars by people magazine and major league baseball for serving communities in extraordinary ways. >> these are 30 people from the 30 major league baseball communities, all of whom had an idea, took the idea to execution and the result is they're helping their communities. >> reporter: it's also a time for fans to see, touch, meet and buy everything baseball. in a convention center filled with memorabilia and events. >> and going after the first pitch. >> reporter: thanks to cutting- edge technology, fans won't miss a minute of the action on the field. >> four mobile units, 15, 16 cameras, a record source for every picture source. tremendous audio in the -- and a lot of audio in the stadium. players and umpires wearing mics.
8:58 am
mics on the walls. >> reporter: and it will be broadcast in 3-d, a challenge that got these guys thinking of the future. >> with 3-d and all of the other stuff going on, maybe that will be part of the new package. you can sit there in a helmet with a mouth piece in and wear a cup. >> you wear a cup and picture steven -- since it's 3-d picture steven strasburg throwing a ball 300 miles per hour. >> exactly. right into your coach. >> reporter: watch the first pitch live on fox tuesday night. in hollywood, casey stegall, fox news. >> and the game starts tonight at 8:00 and you can see it all here on fox 5. well that will do it for the 8:00 hour of fox 5 morning news. we have one more hour to go and let's turn it over to tony and allison. >> some people would like that, major league baseball in 3-d. it could happen. >> we'll see. >> you never know. thank you, steve. listen, if you're headed toward dupont circle today, there is something you ought to know before hopping on the
8:59 am
metro. once you get there, it is a long climb up to the street. more on what riders are facing this morning and what started this commuter chaos yesterday. >> and then summer fun at the pool does come with risksch he went from nearly drowning as a child to winning an olympic gold medal for his swimming skills and this morning he has important tips for you and your family. we'll talk with cullen jones. and you know them from the wire, but actors trey cheney and ann war gunner book and movie and even an al bum. they are going to join us live in studio. but we begin with a traffic advisory in montgomery county. just outside of the district. east-west highway blocked off in chevy chase. the intersection is closed until pepco is done repairing power lines that were brought down by a falling tree. we had heavy weather last night. thunderstorms came through and


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